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  • I came to programming by way of a Bachelor's in Mathematics. If I had known how coding would enthrall me, I would have changed majors but I had nearly finished my degree and math has its own beauty. That analytical and proofs background gives me a different way of going/thinking about coding. I consider myself a problem solver first, coder second; I come up with an algorithm for solving the problem, subdivide where possible, and only when the overall algorithm should solve the program do I start thinking about the actual mechanics of the code. When I encounter trouble coding, I re-evaluate the overall algorithm to make sure that said problem is not evidence of a more serious flaw in the theoretical solution, but rather just the standard "the map is not the territory" sort of issue. In the last few group projects I usually ended up coordinating because I am convivial and can help everyone work toward a goal that they all have a stake in; I don't mind doing organizational tasks, and enjoy the challenge of coming up with a solution that syncretizes everyone's contributions into one coherent, composed product. I admit when I don't know the answer to something and generally quickly correct that absence if knowledge. I am very adaptable and an extremely hard worker, so if our group needs to use a technology none of us are familiar with, I'll dive in head first and beat my head against that wall until I can get what the group needs done. My ideal teammates would include: someone who has been in a hackathon before as I have not, so they could point out what mistake not to make; someone strong with databases, as I am familiar with SQL but have not used it lately, nor for large scale development (and many perhaps most applications need to store data, hence database abilities likely having value); someone with familiarity with cloud services and what they could offer our project potentially, as I have not had the opportunity to work on a cloud platform/program with any of AWS/EC2/OpenStack/OracleCloud/GoogleCloudPlatform (though I am more than passingly familiar with the theory behind cloud computing, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, ect.) and cloud integration and/or usage of cloud services would be useful for virtually any project. My goal with this hackathon - aside from winning - is to use it as an opportunity to apply and extend my skillbase while meeting peers and gaining experience; even if my group votes me to do nothing more than act as a physical gofer and do code beautification/standardization, I'll still give my best effort for my team and be glad to have gotten to expand my social network.

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